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With full training and extensive marketing and sales support, we will help you build a business that you can be proud of! A business that will make a lasting and valuable impact with your local community, area of nation. We provide all our franchisees with all the tools and support that they need to start, scale and expand their business operation.

One of the Best Educational Franchising Opportunities

Over the past 30 years, High Touch High Tech has become one of the best educational franchising opportunities. As the top science education franchise, we serve over 16 million children globally each year with a simple home-based business model.
Our ever-growing catalog of programs inspires and excites children by engaging them in the world of nature and science by using in-school workshops, preschool programs, after-school events, and even birthday party experiences that create memories that last a lifetime.
With franchisees established in 12 different countries and “high tech” virtual learning at the core of our systems, our home-based opportunity is not only recession-proof but recently it’s also proven to be pandemic-proof too!

A-Z Manual

We will guide you from ground 0 to the heights we have reached with other Frianchisees. We have a Step-by-step guide that will help you in year 1 or 10.


We invested a lot in technology and we made our state-of-the-art system, to make our partner’s work as easy and automated as it can be.

Product Set and Marketing

We will assist you in the Curriculum Development process, understanding our products, and setting up of the Marketing fundament of the business. 

All the support you’ll need

With our ongoing training and experts, working tirelessly to help your business grow, we give you support like no other franchisor.

Since 1992 High Touch High Tech has become the globally recognized leader in innovative online learning and hands-on science experiences with more than 16 million children annually participating in our proven children’s enrichment programs.





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The High Touch High Tech (HTHT) Curriculum Development Teams is continuously researching, developing, and testing new programs and activities that keep our proprietary programs fresh while keeping teachers and students engaged year after year.


As a HTHT franchisee you will have access to all the tools needed to be successful, including lesson plans, tutorial videos, and teaching aids. These tools are designed to help you save time and remain focused on building your clientele, expanding your market reach, and impacting lives each day.

Constant Support Ensure Rapid Growth

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One of the Best Educational Franchising Opportunities!


Over the past 30 years, High Touch High Tech has become one of the best educational franchising opportunities. As the top science education franchise, we serve over 16 million children globally each year with a simple home-based business model.

Through exciting hands-on experiments, our programs are thoughtfully designed to stimulate young minds, activate the student’s innate curiosity and nurture the child’s budding imagination.

Why High Touch High Tech?

We are the top science education franchise serving over 16 million children annually with a simple home-based business model.


Hands-on programs excite children by engaging them in an amazing world of science and nature


In-school workshops, preschool programs, after-school events, summer camps and birthday parties.


We provide fun, educational business opportunities that make a BIG impact with the kids in your community!

Business opportunities tailored to your needs

Be in Business For Yourself! But Not By Yourself!
High Touch High Tech (ht²) is one of the best educational franchise opportunities available today.


Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Afterschool
  • Parties
  • Camps

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Franchisee Support Team

  • Curriculum
  • Marketing
  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Training

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Home-Based Business Model

  • Enjoy the advantages of growth, innovation and support
  • Bring the amazing world of science and nature to students
  • Experience a dedicated support team
  • Be in business to make a difference!

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Choosing a Franchise

The decision to start any business is personal, emotional and involves the support of family and friends. Our franchise is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who enjoys working with people, building valuable customer relationships, and following a proven successful strategic plan. We want to equip you with the best tools and respoirces possible so that you can excel ahead!

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We paved the way for your business.

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Our Model

The leader in delivering age-appropriate science content through unique experiences


The hands-on educational programs we’ve been pioneering and evolving since 1992


Our programs are easy to start from a home office by hiring local instructors and marketing to local schools and institutions.


As your business grows, we make it easy for motivated franchisees to expand into physical spaces that are ideally located for families in their market.


Proactive entrepreneurs may even develop multi-unit offices to make certain you’ve blanketed all the children in your protected marketplace.


“I chose [High Touch High Tech] because I loved doing it. I was a part time scientist and fell in love with the programming and working with the kids. When the opportunity came up to be a franchise owner, I had to jump at it to make this a career. I found my calling.”

Rocket Ryan

High Touch High Tech of Southeastern Michigan
Franchisee since 2015

“I had been working for 10 years in education before this, constantly presenting and engaging with little minds. I was able to have the opportunity to purchase the Chicagoland franchise, and I realized there was no better opportunity. You see the joy on the students faces, they give you hugs when you’re done teaching, they laugh and smile, and remember what you’ve taught them. That’s what sold me on High Touch High Tech.”

Volcanic Victoria

High Touch High Tech of Chicagoland
Franchising since 2018

“I chose a HTHT franchise because my kids came home and said, “science is boring,” and that was a red flag. I realized that they were doing science out of books instead of doing things with their hands. The people who introduced me to this business who are franchisees were extremely excited about it, they allowed me to go with them and see what they did. I immediately fell in love with the concept of hands-on science.“


High Touch High Tech of North Florida
Franchisee since 1996

Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Touch High Tech?

High Tough High Tech is a leading provider of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs to children across the world. Our programs build a better generation of scientists by focusing on discovery-style, exploratory learning.

Why was High Touch High Tech Created?

High Touch High Tech was built on the idea that STEM should be more than a textbook. The ht2 approach to learning is fun, hands-on, and memorable. By allowing children to experiment, ask questions, and make their own discoveries, we make STEM tangible.

What is a Franchise and How Do I Get Started?

Franchising is the key to launching a proven successful business. Your franchisee fee gives you access to High Touch High Tech’s operational, marketing, and curriculum expertise that will allow you to open and become profitable. Next, you undergo our comprehensive 5-day franchisee training at our Corporate Office in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

During your training, we will review your business strategy, marketing plan, curriculum, supplies, technology resources and much more. HTHT’s scalable model with save you investment dollars; launching your business from your home will allow you to grow at your own pace. You can get started as soon as today!

What is Included?

Our programs align with national, state, or provincial standards for science, teaching complex scientific lessons through fun experiments. Our programming spans all scientific disciplines, including but not limited to chemistry, biology, space, weather, earth science, physics, ecology, etc. Some of our “fan favorites” include rocket launches, erupting volcanoes, chemical reactions and much more.

All programs come with comprehensive dialogue, supply lists, and support materials to teach the necessary concepts. Even the novice scientist can deliver through, high-quality lessons!

How Do I Get Started?

Book a call with one of our specialists or complete the contact form to get started! Upon receipt of your request a High Touch High Tech team member will contact you to discuss our franchise opportunities.

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