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Starting a Franchise

Whether you are considering an international or domestic franchise, High Touch High Tech is the opportunity for you. Let our ht2 family show you how to start a franchise.

High Touch High Tech may just be that proven, home-based business with a recognized international franchise brand you’ve been looking for!

High Touch High Tech (ht2) franchisees are entrepreneurs that come from all walks of life with experiences ranging from education to health care, to science, to business, and beyond. Regardless of your experience, there is a franchisee in all of us.


How we support our Franchisees?

High Touch High Tech franchisees don’t have just one general “Support Team” – we have five separate support teams, each with different skills and abilities to further your success! Our non-competitive, hands-on and remote learning programs meet the interest of the child as well as the expectations of parents and teachers.

“I chose [High Touch High Tech] because I loved doing it. I was a part time scientist and fell in love with the programming and working with the kids. When the opportunity came up to be a franchise owner, I had to jump at it to make this a career. I found my calling.”

Rocket Ryan

High Touch High Tech of Southeastern Michigan
Franchisee since 2015

“I had been working for 10 years in education before this, constantly presenting and engaging with little minds. I was able to have the opportunity to purchase the Chicagoland franchise, and I realized there was no better opportunity. You see the joy on the students faces, they give you hugs when you’re done teaching, they laugh and smile, and remember what you’ve taught them. That’s what sold me on High Touch High Tech.”

Volcanic Victoria

High Touch High Tech of Chicagoland
Franchising since 2018

“I chose a HTHT franchise because my kids came home and said, “science is boring,” and that was a red flag. I realized that they were doing science out of books instead of doing things with their hands. The people who introduced me to this business who are franchisees were extremely excited about it, they allowed me to go with them and see what they did. I immediately fell in love with the concept of hands-on science.“


High Touch High Tech of North Florida
Franchisee since 1996

“I have a PHD in organic chemistry and I had been in academia for many years. I taught at different universities, and I was ready to embark on a new journey in my scientific career. I understood the difficulties in education, and I was passionate that I could help kids better understand science. That Is my mission, and that is High Touch High Tech’s mission.”

Dr. G

High Touch High Tech of Maine & New England
Franchisee since 2017

“I used to be an elementary school teacher and I always loved teaching. But I didn’t like the environment I was teaching in. When the opportunity came up to stop teaching and do something that I still enjoyed, I found this franchise. A couple things [about the HTHT opportunity] appealed to me; one that it was education based, the second thing was I could do it out of my house. Those two very important things were hit, and I could run it and start it up fairly easily.”

Polymer Pat

High Touch High Tech of Western Los Angeles
Franchisee since 2007

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