The education industry in Europe is in desperate, urgent need of innovation. Gone are the days when memorization and rote learning were sufficient for success. Students now require critical thinking skills, creativity, and adaptability to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Despite the significant increase in public funding after the COVID-19 pandemic, public education struggles to keep up with the times. This opens vast and promising business horizons for private business initiatives in the field of education.

Starting an Education Business in Europe

Being the world’s third-largest economy after the United States and China, the European Union holds huge market potential. With an estimated GDP of $16,641 trillion (in nominal terms for 2022), the joint economy of the EU member states represents around one-sixth of the global economy.

In light of this year’s global geopolitical uncertainties, the EU’s economy remains stable, with the unemployment rate marking a historic low of 5.9 % in July 2023. The strong purchasing power of the region allows for the successful introduction of new brands, including in the education industry.

With their established and well-known brands and proven business programs, educational franchises are often preferred by European entrepreneurs to the less secure road of doing business independently. 

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which business opportunity is right for you?

In our previous blog article, we outlined the key factors you should consider when choosing a franchise opportunity and highlighted some important benefits you should expect when joining a successful franchise.

On top of our list are:

  1. The Franchisor’s brand and reputation
  2. The kind of support offered by the franchisor
  3. The return on investment.

If you want to learn in detail why we find those three to be the top factors to consider, you can read our article “What to Look for When Choosing an Education Franchise Opportunity in Europe”, by clicking on this link.

depicting kids having fun at school with an experiment by High Touch High Tech 

The “Science Made Fun” Franchise by High Touch High Tech

Now that you know the general advantages of franchising, let’s zoom in and show you what makes our franchise opportunities so special.

A business with mission and integrity

The business idea behind our “Science Made Fun” Franchise goes far beyond the potential profit. We create unique educational experiences that inspire children around the globe, sparking a life-long love for learning.

Our hands-on learning programs allow children to experience science in a more engaging and fun way, making learning feel like a real adventure. Our programs rely on children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity and teach them vital soft skills in the areas of teamwork, communication, and leadership.

A Teaching Method with Proven Benefits for Child Development

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin sums up our teaching method perfectly. The “Science Made Fun” hands-on programs are based on the “Learning-by-Doing” method that involves actively engaging in a task or activity rather than just passively observing or reading about it.

Some of the key benefits for children include:

  • Better retention of information: By actively engaging in a task or activity, children are more likely to remember and retain information than if they had just read about it.
  • Increased motivation: Learning-by-doing can be more stimulating and enjoyable than traditional methods, which can increase motivation and engagement.
  • Development of practical skills: This method emphasizes practical application, which can help learners develop skills they can use in real-world situations.

Brand and Reputation

Investing in a reputable franchise opportunity provides the benefit of an established business and recognizable brand, which can make it easier to attract customers and build a customer base.

Serving more than 16 million children annually, High Touch High Tech is a highly recognized education brand that has been repeatedly ranked as a top franchise.

Our exceptional business activity has earned us numerous awards, including The Entrepreneur’s “Top Global Franchise Award” for 2022 and the Franchise Business Review’s “Top Franchise Award” for 2021. We are also proud recipients of many other local and international accolades.


International Presence Through the Universal Language of Science

The Science Made Fun franchise was established in the US in 1992 and has since spread to 12 countries worldwide.

Our learning programs focus on STEM education (combining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The universal knowledge thought in all four subjects is independent of the national specifics of the country where our programs are applied. This makes the “Science Made Fun” learning experiences perfectly adjustable to any national educational program.

A photograph of a kid conducting a chemical experiment 

Five Expert Support Teams Dedicated to Your Success

According to our current franchisees, our expert and reliable support is one of the biggest benefits of being part of the Science Made Fun Franchise (watch this video to hear what else they say about us).

As our franchisee, you would benefit from professional support provided by five different support teams in the fields of:

  1. Training
  2. Marketing
  3. Staffing
  4. Technology
  5. Curriculum


Different Franchise Packages to Choose From

Our franchise’s expansion to Europe has just begun. You have the unique opportunity to be among the first to bring the Science Made Fun Franchise to the children of your community.

Our potential franchisees can choose between three franchise packages with three different price levels, corresponding to the size of the franchise territory and the business needs they service. The three franchise packages are called Bronze Beaker, Silver Flask, and Gold Centrifuge.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with vast experience in marketing and business management, or you are making your first steps in the business world – we have an option that is just right for your level of experience!

Watch this brief, 1-minute video presentation or click here to learn more about the benefits each of the three franchise packages.



With its reliable expert support, reputable brand, and strong dedication to your success, the Science Made Fun Franchise takes its rightful place as one of the best franchise opportunities in the field of education.


Get in touch! We will be happy to tell you more about the franchise packages we offer to our European Franchisees and the custom solutions we can fit to your specific needs or situation.

We will be glad to answer any questions you might have, and discuss your particular interest in launching your own franchise business in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

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