We continue with Part 2 of the article Future Trends in Preschool, Elementary and Middle School Education in Europe. You can read part 1 here. We extend the topic of the Future Trends in Education and the ESEP and here are two more important points we want to cover:

  • Sustainability: The increasing awareness and urgency of the environmental, social, and economic challenges and risks that the world is facing and the role and responsibility of education in addressing them by developing students’ knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that enable them to contribute to the sustainable development and well-being of themselves, others, and the planet.


  • Well-being: The growing concern and attention to the physical, mental, and emotional health and happiness of students and teachers, and the factors that affect them, such as stress, workload, pressure, violence, bullying, and discrimination, and the need to create and maintain a positive, safe, and supportive learning and teaching environment and culture.


The Science Made Fun Franchise


If you are passionate about education, interested in running your own business, and you want to make a difference in your community, your area, your neighborhood, or your country, you may be interested in the Science Made Fun franchise opportunity. Science Made Fun is a leading provider of hands-on, inquiry-based, fun science education programs for preschool, elementary and middle school children and students.


Science Made Fun offers various educational services, such as in-school workshops, after-school clubs, camps, custom birthday parties, and special education events that cover a wide range of STEM topics, such as chemistry, physics and more.


Science Made Fun (part of the High Touch High Tech (HTHT) network), one of the world’s largest franchise organizations dedicated to science education, with over 50 locations in 13 countries. HTHT has been delivering its innovative and engaging science programs to millions of children worldwide since 1992 and has received numerous awards and recognition for its excellence and impact. To be exact we serve more than 16 Million kids on annual basis.


As a Science Made Fun franchisee, you will benefit from the following advantages:


  • You will have the opportunity to become a part of a trusted and recognized brand that has an established business model and a solid base of dedicated customers.


  • You will receive comprehensive training & support from the HTHT team and access to a wealth of resources and materials, such as curriculum, equipment, marketing, and operations.


  • You will have the flexibility and freedom to operate your own business, set your own schedule, and choose your own territory and target market.


  • You will enjoy a reputable and high-profit business opportunity with minimal overhead, inventory, and multiple revenue streams. You will also work towards your passion and will be your own boss!


  • You will make a positive & lasting difference in the lives of the children and the communities you serve by inspiring them to love and learn science and by preparing them for the future.


High Touch High Tech franchisees don’t have just one general “Support Team” – we have five separate support teams that help our franchisees, our business partners, to always grow and advance in their endeavors. Each support team comes with different skills and abilities to further your success! Our non-competitive, hands-on and remote learning programs meet the interest of the child as well as the expectations of parents and teachers.


Since 1992 the HTHT franchise has been operating in various countries around the world, delivering quality education services to children. Our success can be attributed to the following achievements and credentials:


  • Awards: achieved great success as a global franchise, generating profits and delivering value to our customers. Since 1992, we have been utilizing advanced technology to provide educational services that aid in the development and education of children. Furthermore, we are proud members of highly reputable professional bodies and organizations, with numerous accolades to our name, all of which recognize our hard work and dedication.


  • Advanced Technology: We have invested heavily in technology to ensure that our educational services are up-to-date and of the highest quality. Our online learning platform is user-friendly and easily accessible to children and parents alike. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, our online platform has proven to be an effective tool for remote learning.


  • Highly Trained and Qualified Staff: Our franchise employs highly qualified and experienced staff who are passionate about providing quality education services to children. Our teachers are trained to provide personalized attention to each child, ensuring that they receive the best learning experience possible.


  • Recognized by Professional Bodies: Our franchise is a proud member of highly reputable professional bodies such as the International Franchise Association (IFA) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). These bodies recognize our hard work and dedication in providing quality educational services to children.


Successful Stories of current HTHT Franchisees


From academia’s ivory towers to lively science workshops, the paths of High Touch High Tech’s franchisees are as diverse as their experiments. But one thing unites them: a passion for igniting young minds with the spark of scientific curiosity.


  • Dr. G., a veteran chemist, traded textbooks for test tubes, leaving the familiar confines of universities for the boundless possibilities of HTHT in 2017. Driven by a deep understanding of educational challenges and a burning desire to empower children, she found her mission perfectly aligned with HTHT’s playful approach to science.


  • Rocket Ryan, a part-time scientist with a knack for coding and a heart for kids, discovered his true calling in HTHT. Witnessing the magic of transforming after-school sessions into science playgrounds, he jumped at the chance to own a franchise in 2015, making hands-on learning his full-time pursuit.



  • Volcanic Victoria, a seasoned educator with a decade of experience captivating young minds, saw an irresistible opportunity in the Chicagoland franchise in 2018. The infectious joy on students’ faces, the rewarding hugs, and the lasting memories etched in their minds – these were the cornerstones of her decision.


These are just a few glimpses into the remarkable journeys of HTHT’s current franchisees. They prove that a thirst for knowledge, a passion for education, and a belief in the transformative power of play can ignite not just scientific understanding, but also personal fulfillment and entrepreneurial success.


So, the next time you see a child erupt with excitement as they mix chemicals or build robots, remember – it might just be the start of their own inspiring story, fueled by the playful spark of High Touch High Tech.


And with the educational uptrend registered in the recent decade in Europe it might be wise to consider starting your own franchise in the Education industry. Working towards a meaningful and valuable for the society goal, creating work that brings smiles and knowledge, that develop our future generations we have to say is the greatest work of life. If you are interested in details you can learn more about the High Touch High Tech available packages here or schedule a free discovery call with one of our representatives via this form.




In conclusion, the future of preschool, elementary, and middle school education in Europe is full of exciting and promising trends and opportunities that can enhance education quality and outcomes and benefit the students, teachers, and communities.


If you want to be part of this future, and if you want to start your own education franchise business, you should consider the Science Made Fun franchise opportunity, offering you a rewarding & fulfilling career and a successful and profitable business. Please click here or contact us today to learn more about the Science Made Fun franchise opportunity.


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