According to a recent Morgan Stanley Research, the global education market is expected to grow from $6 trillion in 2022 to an estimated $8 trillion by 2030. A top-tier American multinational investment bank and financial services company, Morgan Stanley has earned its reputation as a leader in the field of investment research.

With the education industry experiencing unprecedented growth, more people are looking to invest in business opportunities within the field. Launching a business in education holds enormous potential, but how do you select the right business opportunity from the vast and often extremely complex selection available?

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In this article, we will explore the key benefits you should expect from a successful franchise and what to look for when choosing an education franchise opportunity in Europe.

1. The Main Benefits of Owning a Franchise

Let’s assume you have this great idea for an education business. Where do you begin? How do you know if your business idea is viable? What skills would you need to turn your business venture into a success story? There are countless variables to consider when starting a business, so there are no simple answers to these questions.

This kind of uncertainty is one of the key reasons so many entrepreneurs opt to build their businesses as part of a franchise – good franchise opportunities offer a well-defined and predictable business path.

As a franchise owner, you benefit from a time-tested business idea.

Becoming a part of a franchise could save you lots of trial and error. The franchisor has already tested and perfected their business idea for years, sometimes even decades. Before you decide to enter the franchise, you could see tons of data on how the market responds to the business and know what to expect should you decide to invest.

A proven business model

As a franchisee, you can dive into a proven business model and skip the experimental phase that marks the beginning of most businesses. You don’t have to start from scratch. The franchisor will hand you all the tools you need to start, scale, and succeed in your business journey.

A trusted, established brand

The company behind the franchise opportunity has already done the hard work of establishing the business and creating a brand. Benefiting from a well-known, established brand can place you light years ahead of any other new business struggling to make a name for itself. Benefiting from a recognizable brand makes it easier to attract customers and build a customer base.

Training and Support

On every step of your business journey, the franchisor will support you with training, marketing, staffing, and ongoing assistance. A franchisor becomes successful thanks to the many separate success stories of its franchisees, so taking good care of the franchise owners should be its main job.

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2. The Education Industry

The research we mentioned above projects tremendous growth for the education industry, expected to reach an estimated value of $8 trillion by 2030. New teaching methods, improved efficiency, and evolved online learning tools are only some of the innovations that drive this massive progress forward.

In the background, public education is struggling to keep up with today’s in-demand skills. Promoting innovation in the field of education has turned into a top priority for EU institutions. In many EU countries, the European Commission recognizes that existing school programs are failing to provide modern education that is suitable for today’s complex and rapidly changing world.

The severe gaps in public education open thriving opportunities for private business initiatives. Some great examples are the numerous franchise opportunities available in the education industry. Franchisors in the field allow aspiring entrepreneurs to shine in the areas where traditional public education fails

3. The Science Made Fun Educational Franchise

High Touch High Tech’s Science Made Fun Franchise develops fun, hands-on science programs that currently reach over 16 million children annually. Our mission is to inspire children of all ages to embrace the wonders of science with enthusiasm and natural curiosity.

The Science Made Fun franchise was founded in the US back in 1992 and has since expanded to 12 countries around the Globe. Our franchise opportunities allow entrepreneurs to build their own businesses while benefiting from our ready-made, proprietary educational programs, a proven business model, and ongoing support from 5 different expert teams.

High Touch High Tech is a well-known education brand that has been ranked as a top franchise multiple times over the years. We hold a Top Global Franchise Award for our business activity for 2022 (awarded by The Entrepreneur), a Top Franchise Award for 2021 (awarded by Franchise Business Review), along with many other local and international accolades.

Learn more about our story and the franchise opportunities we offer by following the links in this text.

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4. How to Choose the Right Education Franchise Opportunity in Europe

When choosing an education franchise opportunity in Europe, there are three major factors to consider.

First, you should consider the reputation of the franchisor. The ability to promote your business as a part of a reputable and recognizable brand is one of the greatest assets you get as a franchise owner. Look for a franchisor that has a proven track record of success.

Additionally, you should consider the support that the franchisor offers, including training and ongoing assistance. The best options on the market should guarantee constant support not only with your initial training but also with your ongoing business activities, including your marketing, staffing, branding, digital presence, and day-to-day problem-solving.

Finally, you should consider the cost of the franchise and the potential return on investment. It is important to insist on transparency regarding the major elements of the franchise deal: the franchise territory, the payment due, and the rights and obligations you will have as a franchisee. How long and what kind of effort will it take until your investment pays off?

5. Successful Stories of Franchisees

Since 1992, when High Touch High Tech was founded, we have expanded our operations in 17 US states, one Canadian province, and 10 additional countries around the globe. Watch the video below to learn what our current franchisees say about the Science Made Fun Franchise!

6. Conclusion

When choosing an education franchise opportunity, it is important to consider the reputation of the franchisor, the support offered, the potential return on investment, along with the other benefits you could get as a franchisee.

And what are the biggest benefits of being part of our franchise? Get in touch! We will be happy to tell you more about the business opportunities we offer, answer any questions you might have and discuss your particular interest in launching your own franchise business.

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